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1 go beyond; "Their loyalty exceeds their national bonds" [syn: exceed, surpass]
2 go beyond; "She exceeded our expectations"; "She topped her performance of last year" [syn: exceed, overstep, pass, go past, top]

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  1. to pass beyond the limits of something.
  2. to surpass something in intensity or power; to excel.
  3. intransitive philosophy to exist independently of material experience.


to pass beyond the limits of something
to surpass something in intensity or power; to excel
to exist independently of material experience

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Transcend Information, Inc., (Transcend)(TSE:2451) is a global high-technology company with its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. Transcend's product portfolio consists of over 2,000 devices including, memory modules, flash memory cards, USB flash drives, digital audio players, portable hard drives, multimedia products, graphics cards and accessories.
Transcend has governmental offices in the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Japan, Hong Kong and China. Transcend was the first Taiwanese memory module manufacturer to receive ISO 9001 certification and the first company in the world to offer a lifetime warranty on all of its memory modules.


1988- Peter Shu founded Transcend Information, Inc. in Taipei. First products: "JetMate" laser printer driver, for producing high quality Chinese characters, and "KeyPro" software protection system.
-1989- Manufacturing started on the first memory product for laser printers
-1990- The USA office was opened in Los Angeles
-1991- Transcend launched a range of desktop and notebook memory products
-1992- Transcend’s German office was opened in Hamburg
-1993- Transcend launched a range of PCMCIA memory products
-1994- Transcend began manufacturing workstation memory modules
-1996- The Netherlands office was opened in Rotterdam Transcend launched a range of fax machine and video game memory products
-1997- Transcend was awarded ISO-9001 Certification Japan office was opened in Tokyo Transcend launched its first digital still camera memory products Transcend introduced PC-100 DIMMs
-1998- Transcend received the National Award for Small and Medium Enterprises from the Small and Medium Enterprises Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs Taiwan R.O.C.
-1999- Transcend offered PC133 and Rambus memory modules Transcend opened its first two retail stores in Taipei
-2000- E-Commerce was started in Taiwan with on-line B2C sales of Transcend products. Transcend penetrated the Mainland China market and opened Sales offices in Hong Kong and Beijing and executed a partnership to sell Transcend products throughout China. Transcend launched DDR memory products
-2001- Transcend held its initial Public Offering on the Taipei Stock Exchange
-2002- Expanded Flash product line with JetFlash and other devices using Flash memory chips Established Peripherals Business Unit
-2003- Moved Taipei office to new headquarters in NeiHu Launched storage products
-2004- Transcend began to offer DDR2 memory modules Transcend introduced a number of Multimedia products to the market
-2005- Transcend expanded its range of Flash products to include T.sonic MP3 Players Transcend opened its United Kingdom office in Hertfordshire Transcend broke ground on the future site of its factory in Shanghai, China Transcend opened its East Coast office in Maryland, USA
-2006- Transcend opens a state-of-the-art Operations Facility in Shanghai, China Recognized as one of Taiwan's Top 20 Global Brands
-2007- Transcend’s second Japanese office was opened in Osaka Honored as one of Taiwan's Top 20 global brands


JetFlash - USB Flash Drives.
JetRAM - RAM modules.
StoreJet - External HDD Storage.
aXeRAM - High Capacity RAM for Servers
T.sonic - Portable Media Player - Digital Photo Frame
Flash Cards [SD/MiniSD/MicroSD/Memory Stick/Compact Flash]
Solid Sate Flash Drives

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beat, best, better, bulk, bulk large, cap, exceed, excel, go beyond, go one better, improve on, loom, loom large, outdistance, outdo, outshine, outsoar, outstrip, outvie, outweigh, overbalance, overbear, overcome, overpass, overreach, overrun, overshadow, overshoot, overshoot the mark, overstep, overtop, pass, perfect, predominate, preponderate, prevail, rear, rise above, soar, stand out, surpass, top, tower, tower above, tower over, trump
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